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Unilock has completed its journey, started in 2017, towards the fourth industrial revolution, over the last four years it has invested and worked hard to become a small and flexible model of Industry 4.0.

To produce better and more efficiently, to provide its valuable workforce with a more comfortable environment where they can fulfil their potential.

Unilock sas was founded in 1985 by Umberto Crosti, with the aim of becoming a reference point in the market for clamping systems (chucks and collets) for lathes and CNC machining centres.

The first operational headquarters is in Trezzano sul Naviglio in via Cilea 29, and in 1998 Unilock moved to its current premises in via Edison 56 in Trezzano sul Naviglio, with a production area of 2000 square metres and an office building on two levels.

In 2016? Valerio Grassi, an innovation manager with a solid background in experimental research, joins the company and kicks off a massive digitisation operation according to the Industry 4.0 paradigm. 

An Electronics Division dedicated to the development of IoT architectures for the mechanical industry was created, which in 2018 was transformed into Atlas Advanced Technologies Srl, a technological spin-off of Unilock, headed by Valerio Grassi.

 Unilock is in the midst of the transformation to Industry 4.0. New technologies and new machine tools arrive in the company. The first anthropomorphic robot is installed and the company's information system is set up to connect the production islands by fibre optics.

The production site was radically transformed and rationalised according to the most modern criteria and the working environment was made more comfortable for the valuable human resources working there.

Two 'MODULA' automatic warehouses are installed to handle both semi-finished and finished products for dispatch.

In April 2019, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) factory management system is installed, completing Unilock's development under the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Finally, a 160-ton injection moulding press is installed for vulcanising the polyurethane rubber, which ensures a high quality end product.

After four years of work at the end of 2020, the entire production process, from order receipt to shipment, is fully managed and controlled by the factory management system.

Today, Unilock has a completely revamped production process managed according to the most modern criteria of Industry 4.0, but it is constantly evolving and has renewed its image and is installing a new CRM that will allow it to manage its ever-expanding customer base more efficiently and effectively.

"When I think about where Unilock was when I first started the company, it seems impossible that it has reached today's technological level," Valerio Grassi tells us, "but with the right skills, hard work and also thanks to public funding, it is a path we have managed to complete and one that is necessary to continue to be competitive in global and increasingly digitised markets."

Unilock: the precision of mechanics, the experience of man.