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Despite the pandemic, this year Unilock once again helped to train a young man, Raffaele Missaglia, as part of the "Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro" project.

From the PROJECT to.... PRODUCT! Four months of training with specialised personnel to assimilate the company's contents, a FULL IMMERSION into the world of mechanics, combining theory with practice.

Raffaele, in his path in the company, started from the technical department, where UNILOCK products are born, and here he understood the realisation of a product, starting from the research and development phase up to the design phase, using state-of-the-art Autocad 3D programs.

He continued his course, always supported by the tutor, working with the production manager, who took him through the complete course of a typical work order.

First of all, he learnt how to use the company's management system, the brain that controls the entire production, understanding its importance and learning how to use it correctly at user level; he was then accompanied by the machine tool operators and acquired good practice in their use.

He learnt to work with technologically advanced machinery, starting with cutting the raw material with FORTE high-speed automatic band saws, then moving on to mechanical turning and milling operations on our MORI SEIKI centres, followed by other machining operations such as EDM with the SODICK EDM machine and vulcanisation using the RAP press.

Raffaele was very enterprising right from the start and showed a lot of interest in the proposed activities and in the company, so he was actively involved in the weekly internal meetings where the company's problems and objectives are discussed and useful to strengthen cohesion between management and operational staff, improve work processes and increase productivity.

He also participated, with good results, in the training courses offered by the company, together with UNILOCK's specialised workers, covering and acquiring innovative topics such as, SMHOOT TCHNOLOGY MAZAK or EDM FANUC metal cutting.

Raffaele was able to complete both his theoretical and practical training, working in all departments he was able to see and understand the entire production process, the transformation of the metal from raw material, a simple steel bar, to the complex finished product: a technologically advanced clamping system.

On the last day of his stay in the company, we asked Raffaele Missaglia what he thought of his experience, and he replied: "UNILOCK is a great family, I got on very well with everyone from the first day and I hope to return soon! I would like to thank the management and in particular my tutor, Giacomo Rusconi, it is thanks to his guidance that I have learned a lot in these wonderful months".

UNILOCK is satisfied with the work done by R.M. and congratulates him on achieving top marks in the end-of-year school examination.

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