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Earlier today, Unilock's Innovation manager Dr. Valerio Grassi welcomed Lorenzo Cracchiolo, a graduate student in Management and Business Consulting at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, to visit the company.

Lorenzo is close to discussing a thesis focused on concepts in ethical leadership, at Unilock he has had the opportunity to observe both the development toward the Industry 4.0 model and the actions that have been developed for business innovation, which is not just a mere technological issue but involves multiple aspects of daily work, always putting Man in the foreground.

It is always important to welcome in visitors and to be able to engage with figures who are close to earning a degree in business disciplines or toward technology-based paths; they can directly observe a manufacturing reality while asking questions that generate internal insights.

Unilock, in its nearly forty years of existence, has been able to innovate in tradition, ready for the challenges that will see it playing a leading role in the near future.